About Us

Established in 2011

Riva Di Mare Manta

Committed to the development of the country, RENAZZO was born in 2011 in the city of Quito, as a real estate construction company with the purpose of developing construction projects on land it owns and also offering design and construction services to institutions and promoter groups of the country.


Our commitment is to provide our clients with a unique service experience, and delivering a high quality final product.

Initially, we began with the Monte Abruzzo Project in the city of Quito and currently we are working with 6 projects located in the best areas of the cities of Quito and Manta, which incorporate the concept of innovation in residence, technology, security, and rest.

Renazzo is part of the Vision Holding group, one of the most important corporate groups in the country.

The projects in development are:

Riva Di Mare Project (Manta)

Umiñamed Project (Manta)

Villanueva del Bosque Project (Manta)

Monte Abruzzo Project (Quito)

Tuscany Project (Quito)

Firenze Project (Quito)

We look forward to talking about our owner opportunities.